TS-110 Adjustable Trigger Sprayer

TS-110 Adjustable Trigger Sprayer
Product Code: TS-110


Sample Applications Carpet cleaners, laundry products, pet care products, household cleaners, hair care products
Output 1.0cc
Closure Sizes






 28/415L Lockable

Trigger Handle Size



Dip Tube Length Supplied to order - 70mm-280mm

 Blue / White

 Green / White

 Red / White

 White / White

 Custom colours available on request

Carton Quantity 500
Minimum Order Quantity

 30,000 triggers per order.

 This can be made up of 10,000 pcs per item in Standard Colours or 30,000 pcs per item in Custom Colours

Additional Options Available

 Printed logo

 Specialised packaging such as shrink bags, self-seal bags or heat-seal bags.










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